ONELIFE MATCHA – Japanese Organic Superfine MATCHA GREEN TEA BOX 50G


Matcha (抹茶) is the pure, finely milled powder green tea. Matcha has been used officially in the Japanese tea ceremony for over the past 800 years. Matcha is made from buds and green tea leaves out of the best quality tea plants grown in the high mountainous areas of very cold climate.  These tea plants are covered carefully from the sun many weeks prior to harvesting. Thanks to this, the tea leaves chosen to be of ingredient for Matcha are greener and more nutritious. Every single tea leaf immediately after being harvested ismeticulously had its tendons and fibers removedand then steamed, as well as driedunderaspecialprocedureto produceadry material called Tencha which however still retains theflavorand thebright green color. Tencha up next is crushedby a granitemortarat suitable sterilization room temperatureto turn to Matcha.

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